Welcome to Haritha biological park

Haritha bio park ensures the visitors fun along with the natural beauty. Designed in a way, to be a new kind of tourist attraction. Located in Panamkuzhy,near the bank of Periyar river between the famous tourist places, Kodanad Elephant kraal (Elephant Training Center) and Paniyeli Poru.

Haritha bio park was dedicated to the public, and to be a place for tourists on March 27,2015 by Honorable Minister for Agriculture (Kerala State) - Shri. K. P. Mohanan, in the presence of Shri. Saju Paulmember of Kerala Legislative Assembly from Perumbavoor constituency.

The park is a good tourist place which is about 15 kms from Perumbavoor town.
One can easily find public transport from Perumbavoor to Panamkuzhy. It is almost a 40 mins journey by bus.
Kaprikkad Ecotourism and Kodand are also hang out place on Panamkuzhy - Perumbavoor route.

Our park is open for the public on all days from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Ornamental fish breeding unit

The fish breeding unit of Haritha bio park is approved by the Marine Products Exporters Development Authority (MPEDA) Govt. of India.

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Hitech Farm

The hitech farm inside the park is an initiative by the Kerala State Horticulture Mission. Purely relying on bio fertilizers.

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Precision Farm

Precision farm has a Fertigation and irrigation system developed with the help of SHM which is used for open cultivation of vegetables.

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